Radio and TV star Paul O’Grady has died at the age of 67

Paul O’Grady passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday evening aged 67.

In a statement, his partner Andre Portasio said: “It is with great sadness that I inform you that Paul has passed away unexpectedly but peacefully yesterday evening.”

“He will be greatly missed by his loved ones, friends, family, animals and all those who enjoyed his humour, wit and compassion.

“I know that he would want me to thank you for all the love you have shown him over the years.”

The Comedian, radio and TV presenter recently left BBC Radio 2 after 14 years following reports he wasn’t happy with his show.

More recently, he presented on Boom Radio and was due to host another show on the station on Easter Day.

Paul’s long-term producer wrote on Twitter: “I’m devasted. Yesterday afternoon I popped around to Paul’s for a good-old catch-up.

“Surrounded by his beloved dogs, he was laughing, smiling and full of life.

“He was proud of ‘Annie”, so happy to be back on Boom Radio and he was looking forward to so many new projects.

“And now he has gone. I can’t believe it. We have lost a unique talent – and I have lost a dear friend.

“We were all lucky to have Paul in our lives. My heart goes out to Andre, Paul’s family and friends.

“Oh how I will miss him.”