Hits Radio extends network Drive show to Bristol and the South Coast

The local shows on Hits Radio Bristol and Hits Radio South Coast are moving from Drive to mid-mornings.

Current presenters, Jono Holmes in Hampshire, and Jason Webster in Bristol, will move from the 4pm till 7pm slot, to 10am till 1pm from September 4th.

The move means Tom Green’s mid-morning show will no longer air in these markets, whilst Mike Toolan and Brooke Vincent’s Drive show will air for the first time on FM.

Bauer says the move is to allow the current network Drive show to broadcast across all Hits Radio Network stations.

No regulatory approval is needed for the changes, as current legislation allows these stations to broadcast a minimum of 3 hours of locally-made programming anytime between 6am and 7pm if they are providing local news at least hourly throughout the same period.