Technical issues plague the start of networked show on BBC Local Radio

BBC local radio stations suffered major technical issues during the first week of shared programmes in the South and East as presenters say they are “clinging to the wreckage” of what’s left.

The first round of new shared programmes, which was announced 10 months ago, started on September 4th – with more regions to follow in the coming months.

However, a two minute complication has been made and posted on social media highlighting some of the technical problems.

They include split links playing together, news bulletins going out in multiple places instead of in separate regions, audio being faded in and out,

And it’s not only the equipment which doesn’t like the new way of working. Some presenters are also not happy.

Babs and Megs, launching the new shared East evening show started by stating they’re “clinging to the wreckage” and begging listeners to “give them a chance” while explaining how they’ve all lost friends.

This came after 30 seconds of silence following the news bulletin at 6pm.

They then went on to talk about what else is available across the schedule on the rest of BBC Radio, dissing other BBC shows and stations saying “Radio 2, full of hipster bands” “Radio 3, let’s not bother, too boring” “Radio 4, talking about non-binary animals” and asked new listeners to give them a chance instead.

The second link, on a radio show designed to connect with an enlarged region of local listeners was a phone-in about remembering your first day of school.

This show broadcasts on BBC Three Counties Radio, Radio Suffolk, Radio Northampton and Radio Norfolk on a Tuesday and Wednesday from 6pm.