Absolute Radio’s Matt Forde to take time off after tumour diagnosis

Matt Forde is taking time off from Absolute Radio to undergo surgery for a spine tumour.

The comedian and host of Rock ‘N’ Roll Football on the station, shared the news on social media yesterday.

“I’ve had awful sciatica lately. It’s caused by a spine tumour,” Matt told his followers. “I need surgery, so I’ll be off for a bit.”

He said that he’ll record some shows to cover the gap and added: “I’ll be fine. In the words of Steve Cooper, I’ll trust the process.”

Speaking on Absolute Radio at the weekend, Matt compared his treatment to ‘a footballer going through an injury’.

He then added: “But I wanted to let you know because I’m not going to be here for a few weeks. I don’t want people to think I’m just being lazy.

“We’re going to get the health problem done – to borrow or misquote a phrase.”