Schedules for BBC local stations in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire announced

Richard Stead will be the host of a new afternoon show on both Radio Humberside and Radio Lincolnshire.

He is already known to listeners of BBC Radio Humberside where he has been regularly commentating on Rugby League games for many years.

Richard says: “I’m really looking forward to working across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, it’s a part of the world I know well having broadcast there lots of the past 30 years.

“I’m passionate about local radio and am excited about sharing some great stories on BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

“I know there is so much affection from the audiences for both stations and I feel fortunate to be able to speak to them every day.”

Here is an overview of how schedules will sound on BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

  • Kofi Smiles stays on Breakfast at BBC Radio Humberside, Scott Dalton stays on Breakfast at BBC Radio Lincolnshire.
  • Carla Greene leaves BBC Radio Lincolnshire to take on daytimes 10am-2pm at BBC Radio Humberside in her home city of Hull.
  • Frances Finn takes on daytimes at BBC Radio Lincolnshire (Monday-Thursday).
  • Richard Stead hosts the afternoon show across both stations.
  • Fiona Mills moves from weekend mid-morning at Radio Humberside to weekend breakfast on both stations.
  • Sean Dunderdale hosts Friday 10am-2pm on Radio Lincolnshire and  Saturday and Sunday daytimes 10-2pm on both Humberside and Lincolnshire.

A variety of new community and community of interest programmes begin in the evenings from next month.

Weekday schedules

Breakfast (6am-10am)

BBC Radio Humberside: Kofi Smiles

BBC Radio Lincolnshire: Scott Dalton

Daytimes (10am-2pm)

BBC Radio Humberside: Monday-Friday Carla Greene

BBC Radio Lincolnshire: Monday-Thursday Frances Finn; Friday Sean Dunderdale

Afternoons (2pm-6pm)

Richard Stead to be broadcast on both BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Lincolnshire


Local Sport (6pm-7pm)

And beginning in November

Monday (7pm-10pm) – conversation and music for South Asian communities with Arzu Dutta

Tuesday (7pm-10pm) – sport or Bek Homer (coastal communities)

Wednesday (7pm-10pm) – sport or John Kane (Northern Soul)

Thursday (7pm-8pm) – BBC Upload; (8pm-10pm) – BBC Music Introducing with Jericho Keys on Radio Humberside and Dean Jackson on Radio Lincolnshire

Friday (7pm-10pm) –  conversation and music for African and Caribbean communities with Sile Sibanda

Weekend schedules

(Broadcasting on Radio Humberside and Lincolnshire)

Breakfast (6am-10am) Fiona Mills

Daytimes (10am-2pm) Sean Dunderdale

Saturday Afternoon (2pm-6pm) local sport

Sunday Afternoon (2pm-6pm) Sarah-Jane Honeywell

Katrina Bunker, Senior Head of Production for BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire said: “I’m really proud of the new line-up for East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. We’ve got some terrific broadcasters who care passionately about the areas they serve. I know they’ll be great champions for local communities and will love entertaining and being at the heart of the local conversation.

“Our new shared programmes on weekday afternoons and weekend mornings have really big personalities who will bring audiences together for must listen to shows”