BBC Radio Newcastle’s Matt Bailey takes on 10 hour challenge for Children In Need

BBC Newcastle breakfast presenter Matt Bailey is taking part in The Great North Pudalo Challenge for BBC Children In Need.

The challenge sees Matt pedal on a pedalo, designed for Children In Need and re-named the ‘pudalo’, a special Pudsey Bear version, for up to 10 hours, while also hosting his show live from the water.

Matt will attempt to travel the length of The Great North Run around the Marine Park Boating Lake in South Shields, that’s 13.1 miles.

He said: “Nothing says an inspirational, heart-warming and uplifting fundraising challenge like a sweaty, balding man wheezing for breath on a pedalo. Really, we have a certain Countryfile presenter to blame, Matt Baker set a precedent with his epic Rickshaw Challenge.”

“As a man with a similar name and less physical prowess, I feel duty bound to follow in his pedal-strokes. South Shields is the spiritual home of charity fundraising with its links to the Great North Run. So going the distance of the Great North Run on the Pudalo for BBC Children in Need just feels right”

“What won’t feel right is the chafing, back-ache and borderline hypothermia, so I am genuinely considering smearing myself in goose fat like a cross-channel swimmer. Maybe if I behave like a proper athlete, I’ll be able to perform like one.”

Matt Baker also sent his support to the BBC presenter: “I think Matt’s challenge is absolutely wonderful, a water version of the old Rickshaw Challenge. I wish him the best of luck and I hope the wonderful people of the North East come out to support him and help raise much needed funds for BBC Children in Need’s 2023 Appeal. This year more than ever young people need our support, anything you can spare will go towards making a big difference to young people’s lives.”

Bailey will provide updates throughout different programmes on BBC Radio Newcastle today.