Analogue FM radio transmission system turns 90 years old today

Analogue FM radio transmissions turn 90-years-old today after the technology was patented on December 26th 1933.

The broadcasting platform was invented as a replacement for AM and today is being celebrated by Marco Rossignoli, coordinator of Aeranti-Corallo in Italy.

This technology was immediately successful because, unlike AM transmissions (amplitude modulation), it was very effective in filtering the noise produced in the receivers by the vacuum tubes; it also offered superior sound dynamics, to the advantage of musical broadcasts.

Verified Market Research, a leading global research and consultancy company (in its study “FM radio market size and forecast”) states that Frequency Modulation radio in 2019 was valued, globally, at 267.71 billion dollars, and that this value will grow to reach 458.09 billion dollars in 2027.

In this context, Marco Rossignoli, coordinator of Aeranti-Corallo (the federation which represents approx. 450 Italian local FM radio stations), declared: “Radio listening in Italy, and in many other countries, is still mainly based on this broadcasting technology and, therefore, we believe that digital transmissions (DAB+ and IP), although representing a very important element of technological development in continuous evolution and which cannot be ignored, should take place without any purpose as a substitute for Frequency Modulation transmissions”.

“In this way, in fact – concluded Rossignoli – new digital technologies will be able to support FM broadcasts, further encouraging radio listening with new proposals.”