Broadcast Radio creates AI Voice Links feature built in to Myriad 6

The latest edition of Myriad 6 broadcast software comes complete with an option to put AI voices in between songs instead of humans.

AI Voice Links has a set of options built in to include content such as song artists and titles, what’s coming up, weather and news reports, and will even read out the station promo scripts from the log.

It will also mix up the delivery of the lines so they don’t sound the same for each link.

Broadcast Radio’s function will also work with third-party ‘large language’ model services such as ChatGPT, and voice generation can be used together with third-party AI voice generation services like Azure AI Voices and ElevenLabs.

Looking at the demo, an AI presenter can even handover to a second AI voice to provide the weather for example.

“We are eager to witness the creative possibilities that stations will explore with this remarkable new toolset for broadcasters,” expressed Liam Burke, Commercial Director at Broadcast Radio Ltd.

Speaking to RadioToday, Liam pointed out this service is entirely optional for any radio station looking at using AI, but “for some stations, the ability to add some voice variation for some elements like news headlines or weather may really enhance their station.”

Liam adds: “The clever bit (we think anyway) is the goals you can set for AI Voice Links. You can say you always want the station name, sometimes include the time, often include the previous track, occasionally include SongFacts for the next track etc. Myriad will then generate a script that follows these goals meaning you can use the same AI Voice Links in repeating Clocks without then always sounding the same.

“Stations can also opt to send these base scripts to an external service (like ChatGPT) to re-write for infinite variation.”

You can see a demo on this YouTube link.