Fix Radio asks builders to vote if Christmas songs should be cancelled

Fix Radio is giving its listeners the option to cancel Christmas on the station by voting on whether festive songs should be played.

Hosts of the Bald Builders Breakfast, Brad and Sam, were discussing whether it is too early for Christmas tunes and decided to hand it over to listeners to decide.

Fix Radio, presenters are now asking listeners to text in Fix-mas if they want to keep Christmas tunes on the station, or Fix-off if they want to bin them.

“It’s just too early for Christmas music. Let’s be honest there are only a few good Christmas songs, and they get played to death,” argued Sam Hughes.

His co-presenter, Brad Hanson disagrees. The father of five, put his decorations up in November and is says December is a month-long celebration.

“You’ve got to have Christmas tunes on in the van and on site. Get into the spirit! It’s the best time of the year,” he said.

The Fix-mas or Fix-off poll runs until 15th December on Fix Radio and depending on the result, the station’s music will either be dominated by festive songs from the 18th December or there won’t be any at all.