If radio stations were cars… here’s what they’d look like

If you ever wondered what radio stations might look like as cars, wonder no more.

Car parts retailer My Motor World also wanted to know what these radio vehicles would look like, so here are nine UK radio stations reimagined as cars.

Mark Barclay from My Motor World explains more: “Alongside music, car design can be one of the most iconic elements of a decade so it’s really interesting to see how the two are linked in these results.

“Evolving tastes and preferences are usually spearheaded by trends and youth culture, so it will be interesting to see what new emerging radio stations and musical genres will look like as cars in the future.”

AI made the cars, and the descriptions, so read on if this interests you!


The home of classic old school hits, Magic regularly plays some of the most iconic power ballads of the 80s, 90s, and 00s, with songs from the likes of Elton John, Spandau Ballet, Whitney Houston, and Rick Astley. These big, bold songs deserve a bold car, and that’s exactly what we’ve got with this head-turning pink motor. The unique and eye-catching design on the body of the car represents the powerful ballads which we can’t help but listen to in full when flicking through the radio stations.

The 80s are largely considered the decade of the power ballad, which is why this car looks like it’s been picked straight from that period.

BBC Radio 1

From chart-topping pop acts to brand-new releases, BBC Radio 1 is a station for today’s modern listeners. From young millennials to Gen Z, this demographic tends to favour minimalism and tech over flashy patterns and detailing, so a sleek convertible supercar is the perfect vehicle for them. “Millennial pink” is a defining colour for all genders as this traditionally feminine hue takes on a more unisex role, and the result is a car that wouldn’t look out of place in the latest music video.

BBC Radio 2

Radio 2, on the other hand, is the home of maximalism — where all of the UK’s classic hits and subcultures come together in one place. Inspired by nostalgia and retro collections, this car is a vintage coupe with a bold bohemian print that would appeal to 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s fans alike, giving it a timeless appearance. You’d be hard-pressed to find anybody who wouldn’t enjoy cruising down the road in this car listening to the feel-good hits of Radio 2.

Heart 80s

The shape of this 80s-inspired vehicle is a fun, sporty coupe, complete with spoiler — the dream car of many youngsters of the time. Meanwhile, neon stripes and bold chevrons showcase the vibrant fashion trends of this decade. Capable of high speeds, this is the perfect car for blasting some 80s bangers.

Heart 90s

The Heart 90s car maintains all the boldness and youth energy of the 80s but with a slightly darker tint. From underground raves to grimy grunge gigs, there were plenty of thriving alternative scenes to choose from if pop wasn’t your thing — though there was plenty of that, too! The 90s was also more subdued than the 80s fashion-wise as the decade began with a recession, so the two-door coupe with flashy spoiler has given way to a 4-door hatchback.


Rock music has long been associated with leather, motorbikes, studs, and showmanship. So, a low-key car wouldn’t fit the bill when it comes to Kerrang!, a radio station for punk, metal, hardcore, classic rock, and more. Being a rockstar is all about power and presence, so this car has plenty of aesthetic features to help you stand out from the crowd. Rock and roll also has its roots in the USA, so it’s no surprise that a studded American-style luxury convertible has been chosen as this radio station’s representative vehicle.


Fun, fast, and full of energy, Capital would be a colourful, eye-catching car that gets the attention of every passerby. This car is upbeat, lively, and vibrant in style, just like the dance pop hits the station plays. It is no surprise that the colour scheme of this motor comprises bright pink and bold pops of orange, as bolder colours like this have been found to be commonly associated with more upbeat songs. Complete with a spoiler like our Heart 80s car, it perfectly represents the youthful spirit of dance music and Capital station as a whole.

Absolute Radio

The Mini is an icon of British culture, as is the noughties British indie scene, which was the birthplace of some of the most popular indie bands to date including The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys. Plaid shirts were a wardrobe staple of many indie rockers’ wardrobes in this period, as captured in the checked patterning on the car doors. As well as playing all the 00s indie hits, Absolute Radio regularly spins a number of older tunes from iconic British bands and artists, from the likes of The Who, Queen, David Bowie, and Blondie, making this classic style Mini an even more fitting representation.

Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits plays a whole host of classic tunes, from pop to alternative. But it is perhaps best defined as a classic soft rock station, regularly playing songs by the likes of The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi, and The Rolling Stones. Old school music calls for an old school car, which is exactly what we see here, along with some stylish embellishments. This classic black car has fiery detailing, with the flames resembling the power and fiery nature of 80s style rock and roll.