New Adthos tech can create a fully produced radio ad from a picture

The Adthos AI Audio Platform can now turn a picture into a fully produced audio ad.

With this latest innovation, users can now generate a complete audio ad simply by uploading a picture such as a product image, billboard ad, or even a photo of a storefront.

This feature leverages the latest AI technology to analyze visual elements to create a script before selecting suitable AI voices, music and sound effects to deliver a fully produced audio ad.

The platform uses AI to analyze the content of a picture, identifying brands, slogans, styles, target audience and much more to write a creative brief. From the creative brief an ad script is created, voices, music and sound effects are curated before mixing all the elements together in a matter of minutes.

“Adthos is committed to revolutionizing the way audio advertising is produced,” says Raoul Wedel, CEO of Adthos.. “Our new feature is a game-changer, instantly unlocking the potential of audio advertising for anyone that can take a picture”

Adthos Creative Studio’s new feature is an addition to the Self-Service portal, designed to streamline the ad creation process and bring the power of AI to businesses of all sizes.

The makers of Adthos have created a short video introduction to the feature to provide more insight on the possibilities, and a free trial is available via its website.