World Radio Gardening presenter Ken Crowther celebrates 40th anniversary

World Radio Gardening presenter Ken Crowther is celebrating 40 years of offering gardening advice and tips.

Gardening expert Ken first started giving gardening tips and advice to the public in 1986 and since then has gone on to broadcast continually for BBC Local Radio and his own website,

Ken founded the website in 2010 which has recently been redesigned for the anniversary.

A streamed 24/7 radio station aimed at gardeners around the globe was a dream of Ken’s and he aimed to make it a reality. Since it launched 13 years ago Ken and other presenters have been to visit gardens and nurseries all around the country and over Europe.

Regular contributors produce reports from Australia and Canada and the website has expanded into tool reviews and product testing. Ken first started his professional landscaping business in 1966.

Ken said: “A highlight of World Radio has been receiving all the questions and messages from the public on gardening asking for advice and tips. I feel it is a real privilege to be able to share my knowledge and skills learned over a lifetime of working in professional horticulture.

“Gardening is more than just a job for me – I love it! Who would have thought I’d still be able to offer out the sound advice of my father nearly four decades on and say the best broad beans to plant are aquadulce variety.

“In these stressful times, when gardening has become such an important part of life relieving stress and strains affecting people’s mental health, it is important to have this type of content available on the internet,” he said.