Andy Buckingham returns to Aiir full-time as Principal Creative Technologist

Andy Buckingham is rejoining Aiir full-time from February 2024 as Principal Creative Technologist.

He previously held the position of SVP, Product Innovation until leaving to develop his own company ‘togglebit’ in 2020.

Andy has been freelancing for the company in recent years, working on a new cloud-based scheduler, and will now focus on the creation of new products and services.

Ricki Lee, Aiir CEO: “After leaving Aiir full-time a few years ago, we retained Andy’s company for development work and he has played a pivotal part in the development of our new product Aiir Scheduler, the world’s first fully cloud-based music scheduler for radio.

“I cannot tell you how delighted I am to be welcoming Andy back to our team full-time.”

Andy says: “I’m excited to be rejoining the team at Aiir. In my time away I’ve worked closely with a number of broadcasters, increasing my understanding of the challenges faced in 2024.

“Alongside that, I’ve been conjuring up new ideas to help overcome those challenges and keep teams focussed on their core goal – to create compelling, informative and entertaining radio. I feel Aiir is the best place to realise those ideas and can’t wait to get started.”