BBC Radio Cymru 2 officially approved by Ofcom as a UK Public Service

BBC Radio Cymru 2 is to become a fully-fledged public service radio station following a consultation by Ofcom.

The move means more original Welsh-language hours will be broadcast on the station.

Under the BBC Framework Agreement, the introduction of a new UK Public Service is a material change and therefore subject to a competition assessment by Ofcom.

The assessment, and responses to Ofcom’s consultation, found that the BBC’s plans will likely deliver additional public value for Welsh-language listeners without having a significant adverse impact on competition.

Ofcom said: “We acknowledge that the plans could impact the commercial radio station, Capital Cymru, but we think this impact will likely be limited, given the substantial differences in their content offerings.”

BBC Radio Cymru 2 will have the following Operating Licence conditions on the service:

  • It must contribute to securing the delivery of content of interest and relevance to audiences in Wales
  • Play music of relevance to audiences in Wales.
  • It must provide daily and regular news bulletins Monday to Saturday, and daily news bulletins on Sunday.