Cash for Kids announces £1.6 million Cost-of-Living fund

Bauer Media’s charity network Cash for Kids has announced £1.6 million will be made available to help with the cost-of-living crisis.

This is a 22% increase on the funding made available this time last year, and will be given to families via the charity’s Emergency Appeal.

To date the appeal has raised nearly £7.5 million (£7,457,770) for disadvantaged children in communities across the UK.

This new round of funding will target families in financial crisis, providing Cost-of-Living Grants of £50 per child which can be used for the essentials – food, heating and clothes.

Applications can be made on behalf of families by any representative from an official body, such as schools, GPs and social services.

Sally Aitchison MBE, MD of Cash for Kids said: ‘Once again we start a new year with vulnerable and disadvantaged families across the UK set to bear the brunt of the continuing cost-of-living crisis. We see and support these families every day and know that our Cost-of-Living Grants can be a lifeline to many.

“It’s with thanks to the incredible generosity of the British public that we can announce the news of this £1.6 million fund today. We know what a huge difference it will make to families across the UK, and we are so grateful for the public’s continued support.”

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