Clash of the Pirates as Johnnie Walker and Tony Blackburn go head to head on BBC Radio 2

This year marks 60 years since Radio Caroline started broadcasting and BBC Radio 2 is to air a special show with Johnnie Walker and Tony Blackburn.

Clash of the Pirates, produced by Listen, celebrates these radio presenters and tests their knowledge of contemporary music across the decades and genres in this fun show featuring a series of themed rounds.

In the blue corner is the juggernaut Johnnie and in the red corner it’s the towering Tony.

These two musical heavyweights will be pulling no punches as they battle to become the ultimate King of The Pirates. Having both operated outside of the boundaries of traditional broadcasting as the original pirate radio DJs, both Tony and Johnnie used their freedom of expression to make real names for themselves.

Now these Radio 2 musical maestros will go head-to-head selecting their ultimate playlists, making strategic song selections, using quick thinking and timely responses as each tries to come out on top.

Who will be drawing deep, using their ninja knowledge to rock the boat and turn the beat around? Who will be the champion? Expect energetic performances and entertaining banter, but one thing’s for sure, the music will be at its absolute best and there will be escape, plenty of nostalgia, companionship and of course much laughter, across two joyous hours on Friday 29 March from 12pm till 2pm.

Johnnie says, “Tony and I are great friends – we go back decades – but in this show I’ll have no mercy. Be ready Tony, this is the ultimate moment we decide just who is the Pirate King!”

Tony says, “This is going to be fun, pitting all my music love and knowledge against the great Johnnie Walker, but let’s not forget, he’s the mere whippersnapper out of the two of us so I reckon this win is in the bag for me!”