CMA and UKCRN issue joint response to DCMS consultation

The CMA and UKCRN have released a joint submission to the current DCMS consultation on the future of analogue community radio licensing.

It follows ongoing representations that individuals and stations have made to both or either organisation, and a joint survey that was open to individuals, academics, organisations, aspirational analogue community radio stations and existing community radio stations.

The Community Media Association and the UK Community Radio Network are recommending that there is strong support for the continuation of analogue community radio. They recommend continuation of licences post their current 20-year limit, and for new licensing to begin to allow new entrants and new stations to start broadcasting and serve more communities across the UK.

They are also advocating for a review and relaxation of the restrictions on income generation for community radio stations, to help the sector to be more sustainable and thrive.

Finally, they are calling on DCMS and Ofcom to review the way in which the delivery of social gain is both monitored and regulated and are calling on a review of the complaints process, especially around the enforcement of key commitments.

The joint submission is currently in draft form and has been released for consideration to the sector and interested parties before being sent to the DCMS. It will also include quotes and material from their survey response to illustrate the strength of feeling and passion the sector has for the questions asked.

You can find the joint submission in full here:

Terry Lee, Chair of the CMA and Martin Steers, Director of the UKCRN in a joint statement said: We are delighted to share the collaborative efforts between the Community Media Association and the UK Community Radio Network in crafting a comprehensive, survey-inspired, draft response to DCMS’s consultation on analogue community radio licensing.

“Together, we considered the intricate landscape of community radio licensing, pooling insights from our diverse membership and supporters. The passion displayed by those who shared their perspectives is reassuring as we work together in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community media landscape.

“We are keen for feedback from stations and stakeholders on this collaborative initiative, particularly on how our answers regarding the future of analogue community radio licensing are received.”

Individuals and other organisations that support community radio are being encouraged to submit their own response to the DCMS consultation to support the joint submission and to use their own experiences and thoughts on their individual situation.

If you would like to discuss the draft joint submission, email either or both organisations before Monday 29th January on for the CMA and for the UKCRN.