Consultation launched on how foreign labels and artists receive royalties

The government is considering changes to how foreign record labels and foreign recording artists qualify for rights to be paid in public and on broadcast radio.

A consultation has launched on the eligibility and recording artists, record labels, collecting societies, broadcasters and public venues are invited to share their views by 11 March.

UK copyright law gives performers (such as musicians) and copyright owners (such as record labels) the right to be paid when their sound recordings are broadcast or played in public in the UK.

But not every country provides similar rights. This means that UK performers and UK copyright owners are not always paid when their music is broadcast or played in public in other countries.

Almost all foreign copyright owners qualify for this right to be paid in the UK – regardless of whether the other country provides similar rights to UK nationals. But foreign performers are treated differently to foreign copyright owners.

Foreign performers only qualify for this right in the UK if they are from a country that provides similar rights to UK nationals.

The consultation considers changes to how UK law provides these rights to foreign copyright owners and foreign performers.

Several options are under consideration.

The IPO wants to hear from anyone who may be affected by a change to the law. This includes recording artists, record labels, collecting societies, broadcasters, and public venues that play music.

The consultation will close on 11 March and the government will consider responses and publish its response, including its proposed approach, in due course afterwards.

The IPO’s Chief Executive Adam Williams said: “This consultation is focused on an important and complex issue, and it’s crucial that we gather a range of evidence and views. We strongly urge anyone with an interest in this topic to have their say and respond to the consultation by 11 March.”

More information on the consultation and how to respond is available here.