New service to offer charities free airtime on the radio

A new website aimed at connecting radio stations with UK charities to take advantage of unsold airtime has been created.

Charity Fillers is similar to the Government’s Radio Fillers, but promotes third sector organisations rather than public announcements.

Steve Delahaye of C.I. Broadcasting, the company behind the scheme said: “The idea came to us one day when we were discussing how to fill some unfilled airtime on our radio stations.

“We were already users of the Radio Fillers service from the Cabinet Office, but they are very limited in the number of campaigns they distribute, and we thought there must be a way to get other worthwhile organisations involved, so Charity Fillers was born.”

Registered charities and UK based radio stations can sign up for a user account free of charge at Once an account is set up, charities will be able to upload their commercials to the website with accompanying copy clearance details, and radio stations will then be able to choose which audio they download and play on their station.

The website has a target of becoming fully operational by the end of January 2024.