Senior Vice President Mike Powell retires after 21 years at RCS

Mike Powell has retired from his roles as Senior Vice President, International Operations and Chief Compliance Officer at RCS after 21 years with the company.

Before joining RCS, British-born Powell was the first CEO of UKRD Group Ltd., which included such stations as Pirate, Star and Eagle and many more.

Before that, he was CEO of the County Sound Radio Network.

RCS President and CEO, Philippe Generali, told staff: “Mike has led the international division of our business into what it is today: an incredible success story by which all others in our industry are measured.”

Powell commented: “RCS is a remarkable company that continues to maintain its pioneering and innovative reputation through great teamwork and legendary service.”

He added: “I’ve been lucky to enjoy a ten-year career in newspaper journalism, a 20-year career in radio station programming and management, and a 21-year career in broadcast software. I am humbled and very proud of the teams I’ve worked with at RCS.”

Have a listen to his Radio Moment with David Lloyd below, where he tells of his early days at Devonair and his graduation to programme management at County Sound where he was to be the first to create a Gold format – and introduce computerised music scheduling. After playing a role in the consortium which was to deliver Kiss to the North – he won back a licence to go back and finish what he’d started in Guildford.

Mike shares the drama of licence awards, brand-name challenges plus company mergers, sales and public listings – and his love of radio jingles.