Sunshine Radio granted permission to turn off AM frequency

Sunshine Radio’s obligation to broadcast on AM has been removed from its Ofcom Format following a consultation.

One person responded to the enquiry, who was in favour of the proposal.

The station said only a small propotion of people listen on 855 AM (the station is also on FM and DAB), and that the transmitters are very expensive to run and maintain.

Listing the reasons, Ofcom said: “We consider that it is no longer reasonably practicable for the Licensee to continue to provide its service on AM.

“Therefore, we have decided to agree to Norgate Limited’s request to vary its licence to remove reference to the AM transmitter site.

“The variation will take effect from Friday 19th January 2024.”

Bauer has also recently surrendered eight AM licences carrying Greatest Hits Radio in Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.