Anna Sedgley steps down from her role as Group Chief Financial Officer at Bauer

Group Chief Financial Officer at Bauer, Anna Sedgley, has decided to leave Bauer Media Group after three years.

Anna says she’s off to start a new chapter in her life – focusing on Board positions and Advisory roles.

Yvonne Bauer, Owner and CEO of Bauer Media Group, says: “I am a bit reluctant to let Anna go, although I fully respect her decision. Anna has been essential to our transformation from the very first moment.

“She and her team have gone above and beyond, and we have achieved a great deal when it comes to building financial knowledge and guidance. She has also made significant contributions to Bauer’s evolving strategy and decisively changed the corporate culture when it comes to mentoring young talents, role modelling modern leadership and championing an open, diverse and transparent culture.

“Anna will be much missed, and I thank her for all her efforts and her great commitment. I wish her all the best.”

Bauer says there are no plans to refill her role. Instead, a new Finance Executive Leadership team led by Michaela Gärtner, Senior Vice President Accounting & Treasury, and Michael Davie, Senior Vice President FP&A, will take over the responsibilities.

Anna comments on her departure: “I’ve had the most fantastic time at Bauer Media Group and I am incredibly sad to be leaving. However, I have decided to take my career into a different direction, focusing on Board and Advisory work.

“I want to thank everybody for the successful, joyful time. It’s the people that make you happy at work. You’ve been brilliant colleagues – I could not have wished for more.”