Boom Radio launches its new sister station Boom Rock

Boom Rock has launched today playing album rock, hard rock, psychedelic and prog, plus folk, new wave and west coast favourites.

Station ID’s will feature the late DJ Tommy Vance, re-created with AI by kind permission of Tommy’s family.

Heading up the offshoot is Gary Burton, who has been living in New York for 14 years, working in radio, writing and recording songs and investing in a piano karaoke bar! He’ll host the station’s daily mid-morning show.

Gary’s UK radio career includes BBC 6 Music, and Kiss, he says: “I’m excited to be back on UK national radio and becoming part of the Boom family. The music mix on rock will reflect the Boom Radio experience with loads of surprises and musical memories that boomers share”.

Nicky Horne also joins the line-up and has been involved in planning the new venture, he says: My time at Boom is the best I have had in radio since the early days of Capital; and, honestly, the connections we are making with the audience, and their feedback shows that we have become a part of their lives.

“I have missed though playing some of the rock music I love, and for us to now have radio station that will be playing the wide world of rock, not the same old tracks that are played over and over till you are sick of them, is truly thrilling. Rock On!”

Nicky will host the Friday Rock Show and the return of his 1970s Capital programme Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It on Saturday afternoons – and Boom’s Roger Day will reflect on many of the album tracks he played in his pirate days.

Boom Rock is the third station from the Boom older-targeted stations; and launches on the third anniversary of Boom Radio which now attracts around two-thirds of a million weekly listeners.