Broadcast Radio brings its Hybrid Radio solution to full release

Broadcast Radio is now offering its new Hybrid Radio service – which combines a studio system with cloud-based broadcasting – to all stations.

The Cloud / Studio Hybrid model provides synchronisation between studio-based radio software (Myriad Playout 6) and native cloud playout (Myriad Cloud).

Radio shows can be broadcast directly from the studio OR from the Myriad Cloud system with further contribution from remote sources or presenters – either live or voice tracked – available regardless of where the show originates.

In addition, the release of the new Myriad Edge application offers an extra dimension to the Hybrid Radio concept by introducing a lightweight ‘headless’ daemon that synchronizes content and schedule from the Cloud / Studio Hybrid but plays all content locally, even if the web connection is unavailable.

Myriad Edge also includes a full set of synchronized station Clocks and Rules allowing it to schedule content as required in the event of a prolonged loss of internet service.

Myriad Edge can be positioned within radio control rooms or even at transmission sites with intermittent internet access.

Broadcast Radio will also shortly be adding Myriad DR to the Hybrid range. This allows stations to maintain a ‘warm’ backup of content and schedule, which is automatically synchronized in near real-time from their main broadcast site. In the event of an emergency (or planned maintenance), the Myriad DR system can take over broadcasting duties as required.

The aim of the Myriad Hybrid Radio solution is to blend traditional, studio-based radio with the convenience and flexibility of native cloud-based broadcasting, offering the best of both worlds.

Larger networks or affiliated stations can also benefit from this model by operating a Myriad Cloud based centralized system for content ingest, scheduling and distribution whilst maintaining local playout for reliability and the ability to add local content such as adverts, branding, and local information.

“We have developed a complete ecosystem of connected playout and scheduling technology for professional radio stations of all types and sizes” said Peter Jarrett, Technical Director at Broadcast Radio Ltd. “Myriad Playout, Myriad Cloud and Myriad Edge include multi-directional synchronization as well as class leading browser-based tools for administration and content contribution, providing broadcasters with an unprecedented toolbox to create the next generation of radio infrastructure”, he added.