Gaby Roslin to host free radio show for Day of Reflection with Radio News Hub

Radio News Hub has partnered with Marie Curie to support UK-wide Day of Reflection and offer a free radio programme hosted by Gaby Roslin.

The anniversary of the first UK lockdown, March 23, marked the inaugural Day of Reflection in 2021 but this year it moves to the new date of March 3, in line with the UK Commission on Covid Commemoration’s recommendation that the day be held on the first Sunday in March each year.

Radio will continue to feature heavily in the public engagement, acknowledging the vital role the medium played in connecting communities particularly during the pandemic.

The programme ‘Sound Not Silence’ will focus on the importance of music in supporting people with their grief and feature a range of voices and stories relating to songs and music as a source of comfort and connection.

Broadcaster and Marie Curie ambassador Gaby Roslin says: “I’m delighted to be hosting this important moment for the nation. I’ve been a broadcaster for many years now and understand how important radio is to people. We provide companionship to people through good times and bad.

“And while the pandemic was the worst of times, the radio world was there for people, in their homes, bringing relief from all the stresses that surrounded us. On Marie Curie’s Day of Reflection, radio will be there to help heal and build some positivity and hope for the future. I feel overwhelmingly lucky to be working on this and with the radio stations that sit at the heart of so many homes and local communities.”

RNH will also carry the planned minute’s silence in the news bulletin at midday. The content will be made available to all subscribing client radio stations.

BBC and commercial networks across the UK will also be encouraged to dedicate a portion of their planned programming and musical output to memories of loved ones, through the medium of music.

The end of life charity, Marie Curie, supports people with an illness they are likely to die from and the people close to them. Its bereavement support was scaled up during the pandemic in response to the number of people who were grieving.

Marketing and Communications Director at Marie Curie, Katie Colombus said: “After the minute’s silence for Day of Reflection, radio stations across the UK can play a vital role in supporting people who are still coming to terms with the grief they experienced during the pandemic.

“Radio was a source of information, escape and companionship for people during the pandemic. And for people who are grieving, music can transport them back to happy time with the person they have loved who has died. The content we’re producing will be hugely comforting for people on the Day of Reflection and we’re calling on the entire radio community to join us and show their support for bereaved people.”

RNH will capture multiple interviews and soundbites with Marie Curie ambassadors, supporters and experts, both in the studio and on location in the build up to the day.

Directors Stephanie Otty & Jamie Fletcher said: “This is a really important date and we are honoured to be part of it. RNH, which already serves over 400 radio stations, is committed to ensuring the widest possible reach for the Day of Reflection programme.”