JACK fm is planning a return to the UK radio scene

The company behind the JACK fm brand in the UK has announced the station will return – when they want.

The local JACK fm stations in Oxford were sold to Bauer in 2023 and either closed or rebranded, meaning the end of the name after 16 years.

However, OXIS Media kept the rights to use the name in future, and it turns out the intention is to make a comeback, playing what they want.

In an email blast this morning, Oxis Media said: “Stop the presses, hold your horses, and maybe even pause that mid-life crisis you’ve been joking about because we’ve got news that’ll make your old vinyls skip a beat.

“Yes, you guessed it or maybe you didn’t because you were too busy arguing about why Pink Floyd broke up? – JACK fm is strapping back on its electric guitar, cranking up the amp, and will be returning with our legendary mantra: “Playing play what we want!”

The ‘new’ JACK says it will play Classic Tracks & Hidden Gems, and tells us to “dust off that internet connected device” suggesting it will be internet-based.

We’ve asked JACK for more details but in typical JACK style, they’re not telling us what we want.