New BRMB marks old BRMB launch anniversary

Today marked the 50th anniversary of the launch of the original BRMB in Birmingham and the station name lives on today under a new guise.

The community radio group now using the historic name broadcast a special programme, with Jimmy Franks and Suzi Becker marking the occasion.

Originally launched on 19th February 1974, BRMB was one of the first Independent Local Radio stations to go on air in the UK. It was acquired by Capital Radio in 1993, and subsequently sold to Orion Media in 2008. Orion stopped using the name in 2012 and the brand disappeared.

Last September, approval was given for it to return with the first song being Paul Young and Come Back and Stay – and the new owner Muff Murfin (who created the stations jingles over three decades) says its been a huge success and is now making enough money to pay its bills and its small group of staff

The original 1974 station launched the careers of many presenters who went on to become household names, both in the midlands and beyond.

Past presenters include Les Ross, Tony Butler, Ed Doolan, Jeremy Kyle, Phil Upton, Tammy Gooding, Toni McDonald and Elliott Webb.

Tony Butler is regarded as the inventor of the football phone-in, while Jeremy Kyle went on to become a television presenter.

BRMB also launched the Birmingham Walkathon, an event first staged in 1983 to raise money for charity, and which continues to be held to the present day.

Those involved in the station over the years, along with fans of the service, have been tweeting about the station, and you can see some of them below.

Pictured above is Paul Ellery (BRMB & Wyvern Programme Director) with original BRMB presenters Suzi Becker and Jimmy Franks.