Angel Radio launches time-shifted version of its output on DAB

Angel Radio +1 has launched on DAB in Portsmouth offering a time-shifted version of the community radio service.

The station, which recently celebrated 25 years since it first started broadcasting, believes it’s the first time-shifted terrestrial radio service in the UK.

Tony Smith, founder of Angel Radio said: “Since its first RSL in 1999, Angel Radio has been leading the way on so many fronts, creating radio by and specifically for older people.

“Our little group of (mostly) older people have been on-air 24/7 since the very beginning of the Radio Authority’s experiments with Access Radio in 2002. In 2010 our local FM community broadcasts made the leap onto a regional DAB multiplex.

“In 2015 we launched one of the UK’s first, and most innovative, Small Scale DAB multiplexes. Today we are taking that innovation one step beyond, with Angel Radio +1.

“Our timeshifted broadcast allows listeners to catch their favourite show if they missed it, or even just listen again to their favourite song again an hour later.”

The service was made possible with help from Dean Kavanagh of Radiofinity. Dean added: “It’s been great to work with Angel Radio to develop a platform to deliver their new +1 service. Listeners in Portsmouth will have more flexibility to catch their favourite Angel Radio shows.”