Audio book created to celebrate 50 years since Piccadilly Radio launched

An audio version of a book celebrating 50 years since the launch of Piccadilly Radio has been produced.

For the Record – Celebrating Piccadilly Radio’s 50th Anniversary by Tony Ingham and Brian Beech, has been turned into seventeen audio chapters and four and a half hours has been produced by Tony Ingham and Pete Baker.

It includes output which has been hiding in the archives for years.

Interviews with presenters, celebrities, journalists, and the people behind the scenes who made it all happen; Piccadilly jingles from down the years; and stories from the book, told by the people who were there.

For many people, Piccadilly Radio was the soundtrack to their lives, its 261 logo and jingles quickly becoming part of the fabric of everyday life in the Northwest, in homes and factories, offices and cars, schools and colleges. It is remembered with much affection since its launch on April 2nd 1974.

There’s also a website to celebrate 50 years.

The audio book ‘For the Record’, narrated by Tony Ingham, is available on Audible by Amazon.