Huntingdon Community Radio to raise awareness of autism with special broadcast

Huntingdon Community Radio is launching a one-off marathon broadcast in a bid to raise awareness of autism.

HCR104fm’s schedule will be taken over for 12 hours from noon until midnight on Friday, 29th March by its Spotlight Team, curating a day of dedicated programming featuring guests and live music.

Matt will be presenting live on-air for the full 12 hours assisted by producers Mel, Martin (pictured) and Paul.

The Spotlight Marathon Team says: “It’s been a lot of hard work getting the marathon broadcast together but we really do want to promote an awareness and an acceptance of autism. 

“It’s what community radio is all about! At the same time we hope to entertain our listeners and if we raise any money, that will be a bonus!”

For more details on the schedule for the day and to donate, visit this site.