Mark Radcliffe to take time off radio work for April and May

Mark Radcliffe has said he’s pausing his radio work for a couple of months and Shaun Keaveny will cover his BBC Radio 2 Folk Show while he’s away.

Speaking on the Folk Show last night, Mark told his listeners: “Having been on the radio since the late industrial revolution I’ve decided to have a bit of time off. I’m getting on a bit now, and there are some things I want to do whilst I’m still (relatively) fit and active. So, I’ll be taking April and May off, if that’s alright with you lot.

“Shaun Keaveny will mind the Radio 2 Folk Show in my absence. This break has nothing to do with the health problems I’ve had over the last few years. I am clear of cancer and feeling great, so please don’t read anything sinister into it. I’m just going to do some stuff I want to do, and I’ll be back in early June. Whether you want me or not! À bientôt.”

Shaun says: “It’s a big honour for me to clasp the clammy baton of The Folk Show and hold the fort (I won’t have any hands left to work the faders) while Mark is away.

“I’m a big fan of so many of the artists Mark plays on the show, and I hope to bring my own unique brand of affable befuddlement to what is a broadcasting institution. I’ll make sure I bring my capo to the studio just in (guitar) case.”