Nova radio network in Australia returns to Wisebuddah London for a rebrand

Nova in Australia has returned to Wisebuddah for a new update to the network’s sound.

Having produced the sound of Nova since 2021, Wisebuddah’s new package sees an evolution of their existing sonic sound with new vocal talent for the network, which reaches over four million listeners across five stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

With ten main IDs, the new package also features the new brand positioning, with the station focusing on ‘fresh hits and throwbacks’.

The IDs are a mixture of bespoke and new compositions, alongside a few tailored and re-imagined pieces from various Wisebuddah packages, which were handpicked by the NOVA team to fit their new direction.
Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, said: “Being entrusted by Dan Pearson (Imaging Director, NOVA) and the wider team to produce the sound of Nova again has been a real pleasure once again.

“Evolving our sound to create something even bigger and better than our previous collaboration, and the real, authentic feeling to this package means we’re confident it will connect in just that way with Nova’s millions of listeners across Australia.”

Nova’s Group Imaging Director, Dan Pearson, added: “Coming to Wisebuddah again, we wanted something that pushed Nova to yet another level; we were once more looking for that leading sound for a leading network.

“These sound slick – from the composition, to the FX and vocals, it’s making Nova sound bigger and bolder.