Sheffield Hospital Radio plans comeback but needs £10,000 to survive

Sheffield Hospital Radio has found a new space to broadcast from after its previous studios were deeded unsafe – but needs £10,000 to return.

After two years of searching for a suitable space, the local hospital Trust has identified a new studio location on the Royal Hallamshire Hospital site which will allow the service to recommence this year after being converted to a broadcast studio area.

The team of volunteers now aim to raise the desperately required funds to buy and install new equipment and convert the new location into a broadcast studio.

The station says the current equipment is over 20 years old, is breaking down, there’s no spare parts and it will not survive for another 20 years and therefore must be replaced.

Fundraising endeavours so far have included collecting donations from roadshows at various venues across the city, car boot sales and appeals over social media.

Steve Flowers, a Presenter and Programme Coordinator for Sheffield Hospital Radio, said: “If the radio station can’t continue, then the patients in the hospital will miss out on a station that’s dedicated especially to them.

“40% of our patients don’t have any friends or relatives visiting, so a cheery face from hospital radio members visiting them by their bedside for a chat can really brighten their day. Combined with hearing their favourite song and their name mentioned on air, it can help boost their mental well-being.

“It would be a massive blow to Sheffield not to have its own hospital radio station after serving Sheffield patients for the last 48 years.”

Professor Chris Morley, Chief Nurse, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “Hospital radio has been a part of patient’s stay both here in Sheffield and across the NHS throughout the years with committed volunteers putting many hours into making it interesting and enjoyable.

“However, we know that technology has changed the way patient’s access entertainment and the type of activity they now choose to fill their time. It is predominantly through their own devices using our free wi fi service rather than the old bedside radio.

“Patients also have a much shorter length of stay in hospital and we also have much more open visiting arrangements and so we understand why it is the right time for Sheffield Hospitals radio to look at a different way to broadcast using new technology so that people can still access their programmes if they wish but also enable them to attract new listeners who are not necessarily patients but interested in their broadcasts.”

More details can be found here.