ToneFM gets ready to launch small-scale DAB multiplex

Tone Community Media Group, operator of ToneFM, is getting ready to launch a new small-scale DAB multiplex in the coming weeks.

The station is now looking for anyone interested in being on the multiplex to get in touch.

It’s almost two years since the licence was awards, and together with technical partners Radiate Digital LTD, and The Cotswold Group, they should be operational in April.

Group Director Patch Jobson is pleased that the group has now reached the point where applications can be made. “With this new addition to Taunton we’re really excited and looking forward to bringing a range of services to a great listener community. As a traditional Market Town our listeners are still very much big radio fans, and if we can enhance that experience that can only be a good thing.

The official Tone Community Media Group website can be found at

ToneFM has also launched a new app for iPhone and Android users, powered by Aiir.