Capital Buzz launched by Global to replace PopBuzz

Capital Buzz has been launched by Global to replace online pop culture website PopBuzz.

The website reports on music, TV, film, and viral internet news, as well as interviews with stars for Gen Z audiences.

Charles Ubaghs, Managing Editor, Global Player & Director, Digital Content at Global, said: “This move massively increases the huge social reach of Capital, already the most followed radio brand in the world on TikTok.

“PopBuzz currently has an average 100 million social reach, with 350 million video views in 2023 across all platforms, and 40 million page views in 2023. It also has a massive 6.5 million social followers across all platforms.

“This new brand combines the buzz of pop and internet culture with the biggest artists and talent in the world.”

The digital brand will now be hosted under the Capital’s website, as well having its own dedicated social channels. Capital Buzz will also continue to produce “Scroll Deep”, a comedy and commentary show featuring the biggest stories on the internet.