Radio stations lend support to Radio Lollipop awareness campaign

More than fifty UK radio stations are supporting the children’s hospital charity Radio Lollipop by running free ads for its awareness campaign.

Radio Lollipop is in ten British hospitals and most have a studio playing requests and theme nights which carry onto the wards.

Children well enough can become presenters for a while, and those too ill are visited by volunteers to provide comfort and entertainment.

The charity has launched a major awareness campaign, now that volunteers are back on the wards after the Covid pandemic, and radio is playing a key role.

John Dash, chair of Radio Lollipop UK said: “Post Covid, we need to raise awareness and boost our funds so we can bring the fun of our charity to more children. It’s been proved that a happy child gets better more quickly, and the need for medication is reduced when Radio Lollipop is around.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the support shown from the radio industry. Every station we’ve approached has readily agreed to provide free airtime and many have asked how they can help in other ways. Radio obviously loves Radio Lollipop!”

The charity’s 45th birthday, on Sunday 5th May, will be marked by ‘Radio Lollipop Day’ when supporters will be encouraged to stage fund-raising activities across the bank holiday weekend.

John is asking for any stations that would like to run the ad to get in touch with him directly by email,