Sound Radio Liverpool hires Silk and Dee Radio’s Daz Antrobus

Silk and Dee Radio’s Daz Antrobus has joined Sound Radio Liverpool to host a new weekend show.

Daz starts this week to host 10am till 1pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Programme Director Dan Roach says: “Daz is a talented, hard working presenter who strengthens our output at the weekend. Here at Sound, we’re determined to deliver a local radio station Liverpool can be proud of.

“That means good presenters who know and love the city, playing the music that reflects the city.”

Daz says: “It’s great to be back in Liverpool. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the city and it’s by far the friendliest I’ve ever worked in.

“It’s also the best night out! Sound Radio reflects the feel good sound and pace of the city.

“And it’s a great time to be on when people are just waking up from a mad one the night before. Thank you to Dan and the team for inviting me to be on Sound Radio.”