Aiir adds WhatsApp messages to Studio Inbox

Aiir has added WhatsApp support to its Studio Inbox product.

Customers can now see and reply to messages, images, videos and voice recordings from WhatsApp, alongside other content like SMS, email, social posts, website form submissions and RSS feeds.

Aiir’s new WhatsApp integration means users can get voice notes on air within seconds of them being sent. Listener audio messages can be played directly in Studio Inbox or downloaded for later use.

Gav Richards, Aiir CTO told RadioToday: “We’re very excited to bring WhatsApp to Aiir’s Studio Inbox. As one of the most popular ways people communicate, it makes complete sense that radio stations want to connect with their audience this way too.

“Until now though, it’s been difficult for the on air team to handle. With WhatsApp in Studio Inbox, you can do even more in one place, making it incredibly powerful and even more useful. It’s an essential tool for broadcasters.”

Studio Inbox is available in the USA on barter by Premiere Networks, with cash deals available in UK, Canada, and the rest of the world.