Iain Dale withdraws from putting himself forward as an MP

Following his decision to stand down from LBC to put himself forward as a candidate for MP in the General Election, Iain Dale has pulled out of the bid.

Earlier this week Iain announced on-air that he was stepping down from the station after 14 years to put his hat in the ring for the second time to stand for Parliament.

Now a turn of events has changed that, as Iain explained when he appeared on Nick Ferrari’s Breakfast Show this morning.

He told Nick that comments he made on an episode of his For The Many podcast in 2022 had resurfaced online and while this clip by itself was out of context, he understood how in isolation it could cause a problem, so he took the decision to withdraw his name from the shortlist.

When asked what’s next for him, Iain said: “I think I’ve got to take time to reflect on that because I’ve made the mistake of making a decision without probably thinking about every possible consequence so it would be a bit silly to do the same again.”