Complaint over Wrexham Premier Radio news sponsorship resolved

Following a complaint to Ofcom that Wrexham Premier Radio’s news bulletins contained a sponsor credit, the issue has been resolved.

The complaint alleged that the station’s hourly news bulletin was sponsored by Inside Wrexham Magazine.

Premier Radio said that the news bulletin had mistakenly included an outdated segment detailing a sponsorship arrangement that was in place before the station was licensed by Ofcom.

It explained that its playout system had recently been changed to address an issue with “out of date audio and unauthorised content playback”. It added that during this transition, a news ident used when Premier Radio Wrexham was just an internet station, was erroneously included in the audio files.

This resulted in sponsorship credits in every hourly news bulletin from midday until 6pm, when it was discovered and changed. The station also said the sponsorship had ended in December 2023.

Ofcom decided that because the error was promptly corrected when discovered and measures have been put in place to prevent it happening again, the matter was resolved.