Cumbria.Digital announce plans to apply for small-scale DAB

Cumbria.Digital has announced plans to apply for the small-scale DAB multiplex licence covering Carlisle and Penrith.

The company plans to reserve capacity for six community stations, surpassing Ofcom’s minimum requirement of four, to better serve the diverse communities in Carlisle, Penrith, and the surrounding rural areas.

It also plans to establish media hubs in Penrith and Carlisle to support community groups and organisations with the facilities needed to run their own stations on the multiplex and make radio accessible to all.

Cumbria.Digital informs RadioToday it has operated in the technology and broadcast sector over the last 20 years including providing technical facilities for a pan European Satellite Channel and supporting small business to unlock the potential of digital technology.

“We are looking to provide a platform that gives communities and organizations a voice, opening up the power of radio to all and bringing greater choice to listeners in the area,” said a spokesperson for Cumbria.Digital.

“We will support the existing community stations in Carlisle and Penrith, ensuring they have capacity on the multiplex if they wish alongside supporting new stations.”

Cumbria.Digital says it is already in discussions with potential commercial stations, including niche stations not currently available over the air locally, and wants to hear from anyone else interested in joining a local multiplex.

Details of the people behind the company have not been shared with RadioToday.