Radio station management software updated with AI built in

A website offering the ability to manage live reads, show planning, schedules and artist information has been released with added AI.

Radio Prep, which offers a free plan as well as a premium service, uses AI to help presenters and producers generate talk topics and music look ups.

Features include managing station reads, displaying news feeds, show planners, schedules, listener generation, talk-up ideas and winner selections.

Radio Prep is the brainchild of industry veteran Matt James, whose 25 years of experience with Global Radio, Disney, and Nickelodeon have culminated in this new software.

Since its conception in 2006 and subsequent Radio Academy Award win over BBC Radio 1 in 2007, Radio Prep has been rebuilt to empower stations and presenters with unparalleled content creation tools.

There’s an explainer video at to show what the service can offer.