Ronan Keating to leave Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast co-host Ronan Keating is leaving the show after seven years on-air at the Bauer station.

Ronan made the announcement on the show this morning, saying he’s going to get back to concentrating on his music.

He said: “It’s been very difficult to come to this decision. I have loved every single minute and this has not been an easy decision at all.

“It was an honour to be in people’s homes, but I’ve missed doing the school run and waking up with my wife in the morning!”

He went on to thank all his producers and show team past and present and big up his co-host Harriet as a radio legend.

Here’s his full quote: “It’s been very difficult for me to come to this conclusion, and to make this decision. I wanted our listeners, our Magic Breakfast listeners and our Magic Radio listeners be the first to know. That after seven years and so many incredible shows, I’ve decided to stand down from Magic Breakfast at the end of July.

“I have loved every single minute, this has not been an easy decision at all. I came on board as you know [Harriet] for a year, maybe two and I’ve loved the job so much that I’ve stayed here for seven. We’ve had an amazing time and we’ve been through some incredibly emotional times with people at home. Those two years that the world changed. It was an honour to be able to be in people’s homes and communicate with them like we did.

“So yeah, although I won’t be waking the nation up anymore with you [Harriet], I look forward to, I guess reconnecting with what I did before this – you know getting back to my music and touring. Even though I’ve been doing it, trying to do both together has not been easy at times. And getting back to being with my family – you know doing school runs and those things that I’ve missed out on. Waking up with my wife in the morning, you know? I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s really important and I’ve missed that.

“I’m going to miss the team, I’m going to miss our incredible production team, led by the mighty Brian Murphy. Matt and Alex, and you know all our past producers and team here…

“What I’ve realised is how incredible it is to connect with people. The medium of radio is so powerful, more powerful than anything else in this modern age. And it’s been a real honour to broadcast and be considered a radio broadcaster. You and I [Harriet], they put us together. Who knew that this could work?! It’s been incredible. I’m going to miss you. It’d been an amazing seven years. You’ve taught me so much Harriet Scott, you’re a radio legend, and it has been an honour to broadcast with you.

“You’ve shown me how to do this and it’s been an honour, and I’m not leaving the Magic Radio family, just Magic Breakfast for me – it’s time for me to go. A massive thank you to everybody for the love you’ve shown me, the love you’ve shown this show for the last seven years. It’d been incredible.”

His last show will be on 31st July.