Radio Scilly in danger of closing within months

Community radio station Radio Scilly is asking for help from locals or radio professionals to ensure the station survives.

In a public letter, station operators Beth Milton and Steve Sims say they can no longer run the station and will start closing it down on 1st March 2019.

They say it (the business of running the station) has turned out to be more work than they anticipated and new personal circumstances mean they don’t have the time.

Scilly Councillor Steve and his wife took over the running of the station in September 2018 when Zoe Parry moved on. Zoe took over from founder Keri Jones who left the island in 2016.

They go on to say: “So plan A is to pass the station on to someone else but plan B is to close it down. Unfortunately, if we surrender our community FM radio licence, it is very unlikely that Ofcom will grant another one. The station breaks even at the moment but with time and hard work could become a lucrative business. Advertisers have been/are in the process of being contacted.

“If you’re a Scilly Lottery member, please don’t worry. The Scilly Lottery will continue as normal. Further information will follow. If anyone would like to take it on – whether local or from further afield, please get in touch with us. Radio Scilly has a great deal of potential to grow and develop.

“Any expressions of interest should be made by March 1st 2019. ”

For further information email

Radio Scilly launched in September 2007 after winning a five-year community radio licence from Ofcom.