Here’s how BBC Radio 1 played #HideAndSeek

BBC Radio 1’s latest game of Hide And Seek latest over 24 hours, with Greg James and Nick Grimshaw being found in Weston-super-Mare on Wednesday.

Breakfast co-producer Chris Sawyer has tweeted an insightful thread about how it all came about, including information on how Greg put the answer to the question “Where are they” under the studio desk before he left on Tuesday morning.

He explains about fake train tickets, pre-planned billboards, driving along a pier and planes flying too high.

Read the entire thread, unrolled, here, or click here to view it on Twitter.

There’s also a five minute video highlight of the promotion here (and below).

BBC Radio 1 first played Hide and Seek a year ago – with Greg and Grimmy being found in Liverpool after around 23 hours.