David Lloyd releases new Radio Secrets book

A new insider’s guide to presenting and producing powerful content for broadcast and podcast has been written by David Lloyd.

David has spent 35 years in radio, mostly in management, from LBC to Virgin, Century to Galaxy, Trent to Lincs FM, Free Radio to Gem 106 and BBC.

He is now offering consultancy services and producing a weekly Radio Moments podcast and regular hour-long Conversations series with radio people who have made a difference.

David tells RadioToday: “I wanted to write a new book which really fitted today’s contemporary radio – and audio – of all formats. I drew heavily on conversations with programmers and presenters I regard highly – and others with relevant insight from comedy writers to voice artists and coaches.

“I’ve covered off many areas which are not often studied, but have huge importance across all sectors – from authenticity on-air to double acts – and the true art of tight music presentation. Plus what makes a great interview, contest or producer – and how do you make sure that ‘brand you’ is in the right place in a changing world.

“It’s aimed at giving food for thought to those making audio for whatever platform – and I’m chuffed that the greats like Greg James and Paddy O Connell, Paul Sylvester, James Cridland and Mike Cass have said lovely things about it! ”

The book, which is available on Amazon with this link, is dedicated to the late John Myers.

David has also written two other radio books: ‘How to Make Great Radio’ and the reflective ‘Radio Moments’.