Whipps Cross Hospital Radio celebrates 50 years

Whipps Cross Hospital Radio in east London is marking 50 years of providing entertainment to patients this September.

A reunion has been planned and station volunteers are looking for any ex-members and supporters to get in touch.

Station Manager Phil Hughes, who has been with the station since 1971, tells us more: “Hospital radio began at York County Hospital in 1925 and even pre-dates BBC Radio. Stations like us really are the grassroots and we can claim to be the only stations to regularly meet our listeners and get feedback on exactly what they want to hear.

“We’re proud to say many former members have moved into broadcasting professionally including Annabel Port at Virgin and former CEO of GCAP, Classic FM and GWR, Ralph Bernard, who cut his radio teeth with our news desks in 1970.

“Memorably a nine-year-old Amy Winehouse regularly came to the station with her colouring book while her step mum, Jane, presented a Saturday show.

“The first draughty studio in a wooden shed has long gone as we’ve progressed to digital playout, bedside entertainment technology and the internet but what remains 50 years on is our commitment to patients.”