Quidem Format change requests go to consultation

Ofcom has opened a consultation after Quidem requests its six stations make significant changes to their output.

Quidem earlier confirmed to RadioToday that it has entered into an agreement with Global to broadcast one of its brands across its stations, currently known as Banbury Sound, Rugby FM and Touch.

Today, Ofcom reveals Quidem has asked to change each of the six licences from broadly-based, locally-focused services to a rhythmic-based music-led service for 15-29 year-olds supplemented with news, information and entertainment”.

The only Global brand to fit the new Format is Capital, which operates within the same Approved Area from Birmingham. Adding Capital to the six licences would give it significantly more coverage around the West Midlands.

In addition to its requests to change the ‘Character of Service’ of the six licences, Quidem has made associated requests with regard to the requirements in the Formats relating to locally-made programming hours, programme sharing and co-location arrangements. These requests have already been approved.

Ofcom says: “We have taken a preliminary view on the requests and are minded to grant them. However, we are seeking views on the requests before we make a decision. The consultation closes at 5pm on Wednesday 30th October 2019.”

If approved, Quidem would need to provide at least three hours of output per weekday on its six stations from within the Central area, with the rest allowed to be broadcast from London.

Here’s how the TSAs of Capital Birmingham and all the Quidem stations look together: (Source: RAJAR)