Radioplayer adds Spain to list of growing countries using the service

Radioplayer is working with Spanish broadcasters to launch Radioplayer España.

More than 300 stations are available to listen to at launch, with more to follow.

RNE, the Spanish public service broadcaster, and the main commercial radio groups are all supporting the platform. They’re sending official content like live streams, podcasts and catch-up programmes, logos, and ‘now playing’ information into Radioplayer systems.

In addition, Spanish stations will join the international Radioplayer data feed which powers the hybrid radio interfaces in many Audi, VW and Porsche cars. These smart devices can switch automatically between DAB, FM, and streaming, to keep listeners locked in to their favourite radio stations.

Radioplayer Managing Director Michael Hill said: “Thousands of broadcasters across Europe are now working together through Radioplayer, to keep radio strong in cars and home devices. We’re incredibly proud that Spanish stations have chosen to join this movement, and we look forward to a long and fruitful and collaboration with them.”

Paloma Zuriaga Abril, RNE Director (Public Service broadcaster) said: “The Spanish broadcasters are joining Radioplayer to share technology and reach more listeners. Radioplayer, with its solutions for connected devices and cars, is where all our content comes together and is the future. Radioplayer is much more than radio, it is a simple way to be connected and for listeners to tune in and find and discover radio content wherever they are and whether it is live or on demand.”

Ramón Osorio, President of AERC (the Association of Spanish Commercial Radios) said: “Radioplayer is a European and Worldwide solution that will now help Spanish radio stations be discovered on all connected platforms. From the Association, we express our satisfaction that so many stations have joined this project.”

Spain is the 12th country to sign up to the Radioplayer platform.