Aled Jones and Russell Watson switch on Smooth’s Christmas Lights

Aled Jones and Russell Watson joined Smooth North West breakfast presenter Darren Parks to switch on the studio’s Christmas lights.

Over 2000 lights were turned on as the duo talked about taking part in the station’s Carols on the Cobbles event with Coronation Street: The Tour.

Speaking to Darren Parks, Aled said: “I’m very excited to be singing on the cobbles. I found out that Chesney had named his baby Aled after it was born in a cable car above the Great Orme in Llandudno because he was Walking in the Air!”

Following Aled’s early fame with The Snowman, Russell said: “Last Christmas, everywhere I went, I sent Aled pictures of me with various different snowman which you loved, didn’t you?”

Responding to Russell, Aled said: “I loved it for the first day and then for the following four weeks, I’d get about twenty texts a day. As you can imagine, it wore a little thin by the end!”

Darren in the Smooth North West studio